Introductions Of UK Advanced Breitling Movements-Caliber 01 And Caliber 01 Chronoworks®

Breitling is famous for its movements, materials and designs. In 1969, Breitling made the world first watches that was equipped with self-winding mechanical movement. Breitling is one of the few watch brands that has self-made movements.

Carliber 01 is precise.
Caliber 01

When it comes to Breitling movements, caliber 01 must be the most well-renowned. Caliber 01 has 47 jewels and caliber 01 Chronoworks® has 36 jewels. Both of the movements have the certification of COSC.

Caliber 01 Chronoworks® is durable.
Caliber 01 Chronoworks®

The formal movement was launched in 2009 and the later movement was launched in 2016 and the later one has improved. The clockwork box has no changes, but the wheel gear has changed-it applies silicon. The combination of silicon and steel makes the wheel gear more anastomotic and preciser and stabler. Moreover, the power reserve has increased to 45%-caliber 01 can supply of 70 hours power reserve, which caliber 01 Chronoworks® can provide 100 hours. With the excellent movements, the perfect replica Breitling watches must be more reliable.