Breitling V.P. Jean-Paul Girardin Explains the Replica Exospace B55

As Breitling replica watches began to develop what is now its Exospace B55, the independent Swiss Breitling replica watchmaker needed to decide which functions to include in the timepiece, the firm’s first ‘connected’ watch. According to Breitling Vice President Jean-Paul Girardin, that decision was directed by Breitling’s own history as a maker of chronographs with easy-to-use functions for pilots.

“The problem was not which functions should we add,” he explained during a recent visit to New York. “But it was which functions we will keep. We had to restrict it to useful functions that were really Breitling.”

A glance at any of hundreds of wrist-borne smart devices finds a mind-numbing range of applications, from health and fitness functions to messaging and even conversing. But Girardin wasn’t seduced by the vast capabilities of current micro-engineered technology. Instead, he looked to his brand, considered what Breitling does best, and decided to use today’s technology to enhance how a Breitling wearer interacts with his watch.

“We are adding functions that improve user friendliness of this rather complicated chronograph,” he added. The resulting Exospace B55 ($8,900), which debuted last year and is now at Breitling boutiques and authorized retailers, can help a pilot record and submit flight logs, but can also show a wearer his or her lap times after a morning run.

Replica_Breitling_Three_Versions_B55These functions are among many the cheap Replica Breitling Exospace B55 watches offers when connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone. Others make setting the watch’s many function a snap, including the ability to quickly set the time, alternate time zones, alarms, and all measurements made using the chronograph. Instead of recalling how to manually set and read these times, the wearer essentially uses a smartphone as a type of remote control for the watch. Except that this remote keeps complete records of all timed events—and will also notify the wearer of incoming messages and email when connected to a phone.

“We split the functions into three types: watch settings like time, time changes, time zones and modes like pilot’s mode. All these are easier to set using the Swiss-made Breitling App,” Girardin explained. “Then we focused on adding and improving functionality to the chronograph. We have the standard chronograph with start, stop and reset, and we added split functions so you can record your running times. Then we added a lap timer, keeping track of times for each lap, be it automotive or running. These you can then record, and load into your smart phone or send it to your computer.”

Girardin explained that Breitling has a long history of devising new functions for its chronographs.

“It’s like when 100 years ago Breitling added the first pushpiece that enhanced the function of the chronograph, or when in 1952 we added a slide rule to make flight calculations, which was called a flight computer by the way,” he explained. “In 1995 we had the Emergency, which send signals to satellites. We are using technology to improve the functionality of our products.”

Chrono flight

The Exospace B55 assists pilots most specifically when set to its chrono flight mode.

“When you are flying you have fill out two logbooks,” noted Girardin. “The pilot’s logbook and the aircraft log book. You have to give the flight time, when you take off and when you land. These are difference sets of times.”

The AAA replica watches uk will record aircraft “block times” (times elapsed from the moment the plane begins to taxi towards takeoff through to when it comes to a halt at the end of a mission) and flight times, while also memorizing departure dates and times, arrival times, as well as takeoff and landing times (Block and Flight Times functions). In the chrono flight application, the wearer simply presses the pusher at 2 o’clock when starting to taxi, again when taking off, again when landing and finally when at the gate.

“Four times with the same pusher and you have everything ready to go,” he explained. “You can copy it to your handwritten logbook or if you have a digital logbook you can download it directly.”

Girardin said a few functions were added at the behest of astronaut and pilot Mark Kelly, who is also a Breitling ambassador.

Replica_Breitling_VP_Brand_Ambassador“Mark Kelly gave us some important recommendations, particularly regarding countdown and count-up,” he added. “When you have a launch, you have the days and hours countdown until the liftoff, and when the launch occurs you are in count-up, or the mission elapsed time. Mark told us that it is very noisy inside space shuttles, so we not only added a buzzer for the alarm but also a strong vibration that you can really feel.”

Kelly also asked for a recurring alarm for operations that must be done each day at the same time. Additional feedback about how to structure the aviation functions came from Breitling employees who are also pilots (including Girardin) as well as from military, commercial and private pilots.

Despite all its intelligence, the Breitling Exospace B55 should not be confused with a smartwatch, Girardin noted. The watch doesn’t boast any Internet connection, and will only deliver message and email notifications when connected to a phone.

Replica_Breitling_Exospace_B55“It’s not a kind of new terminal of your iPhone on your wrist,” he asserted. “It’s just the other way around. It’s a real watch with real hands, a real dial, a water-resistant 100-meter titanium case –in other words it’s a real Breitling watch.”

This real Breitling replica watches uk measures 46mm in diameter and has an LCD display with high-intensity backlighting system. It holds a charge for up to two months and is recharged via plug or USB port. Inside is Breitling Caliber B55, a SuperQuartz movement that is chronometer-certified.