Baume & Mercier – Inspired by pop art, colorful and vibrant, cheap Linea replica watches debut this summer

The 2015 spring/summer cheap Linea replica watches are about color, vibrancy and capture the very essence of fashion. Introducing four new timepieces to the collection, each Linea watch exudes dynamic energy, sure to add a touch of artistic flamboyance to women. The Linea collection is known for its interchangeable straps, allowing women devoted to the art of detail to express their creativity through a wealth of vivid, pop art-inspired colors that can easily be changed to create a new look. In addition to these heady chromatic shades, the luxury of premium quality leather offers unrivaled comfort. The matte satin-finished straps are patterned with alligator skin scales for a guaranteed graphic effect, and their striking palette of four brilliant hues.

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  • Fresh Green-10229

This irresistibly vibrant strap with its Seventies touch has an offbeat and distinctive look. It’s refreshing, the epitome of glamour, and the essential tonic for summer outfits.

  • Pop Pink-10228

Bold and creative, this candy pink strap sings with the delicious colors of fresh-picked summer fruits. It will take make-up art to new heights, from velvety rose lipsticks to matching nail lacquers in gloriously daring fuchsia…

Pop Pink-10228

  • Peppy Honey-10230

Warm and exuberant, this is a yellow Breitling replica watches uk to celebrate summer, the season of carefree days. Its radiance, artistic look and voguish spirit pep up day wear and brighten evening looks with panache. It naturally shows off a sun-kissed complexion, bringing out just a hint of gold.

  • Graphic Violet-10231

Another ambassador for a spring shimmering with color, this strap comes straight from the world of fashion, flirting with tones of azure and indigo. The seductive powers of this shade are impressive, inspiring make-up artists to develop its possibilities endlessly.

new Linea replica watches

A Linea timepiece is recognizable by its rounded shape, the polished finish of its case enhanced by an engraved bezel, its uncluttered silver-colored dial and its straps that can be changed quickly and easily. Timelessly fashionable, it works with every style. This new range of four 27 mm diameter new Linea replica watches stays true to the collection’s reputation. Fitted with alligator straps, they each come in a packaging with an extra steel bracelet, giving women who embrace versatility the pleasure of reinventing themselves with boldness and sophistication, day after day, whatever the occasion.

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